COVID19 Update

To all our of our clients and patients: 

With growing global concerns around COVID-19, we want to provide you with an update on our response. The health, safety and well-being of our team, patients and the public continues to be our top priority. We will not be booking regular wellness and routine appointments until further notice. We will continue seeing patients on a case by case emergency basis only during this time. Drop-off, currently scheduled, and urgent procedures may continue depending on the progression of the situation. Patients will be contacted individually regarding their existing appointments. We will reassess the situation in the coming weeks to determine the safest course of action for resuming our full services.

Please only contact the clinic regarding your existing wellness appointments if you would like to cancel or reschedule. Otherwise, if there are necessary changes to your appointment you will be contacted. 

If you are symptomatic of any communicable illness, please call us to reschedule your routine appointment or make arrangements for an unwell visit to see if contagion protocols are available to facilitate care of your pet.

When you Arrive:

We will be observing an updated facility capacity limit of 3 clients at a time during the coming weeks. This will ensure that there remains a safe distance (appx.9 ft) between patrons inside the office. Please be considerate of this, as you may be asked to wait outside or be called with a specific arrival time so we can manage the waits.

If you are in a high-risk group due to age or pre-existing conditions please contact our office before coming in to pick up food or prescriptions so we can assess necessary precautions we may take for you. 

Emergency and Unwell Visits:

If your pet is having an emergency, we are here for you. However, if any of the following applies to you we ask that you inform us of your condition by phone:

– Fever, cough, sneezing or difficulty breathing (with or without pneumonia) OR

– Travelled to COVID-19 affected area within 14 days OR

-Close contact with a confirmed or presumptuous case of COVID-19 OR

– Close contact with someone who was ill and had travelled to COVID-19 affected area within 14 days.

We will make an assessment over the phone and determine whether you should bring your pet to the office for treatment.

Prescriptions, Food and Special Orders:

If you require prescriptions, including food, we do have stock and urge you to ensure you have enough for the next 5 weeks as we are uncertain about the viability of orders and deliveries over the coming month. Please continue to follow instructions carefully and do not discontinue medications or perscription diets. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have made a special order, you will be called when it arrives with a specific time for pick up to help us manage capacity. Please adhere to this schedule to the best of your ability. 

Special orders which have not been picked up within 48 hours of arrival will be considered available for sale to other patients in need of supplies. If you need more time to pick up your order, please email us at to ask for an extension and a new pick up date and time. 

Please make new medication refill and food reservations via your Petly account or by email.

Please try not to call the office regarding Existing Order Pick-Ups as we would like to reserve phone time for more urgent matters.

Sanitization Protocols

We will be increasing the frequency of virucidal santization across all clinic surfaces. You may notice staff wearing protective gloves or masks. Please do not be alarmed by this–it is our prerogative to protect ourselves and you so that we may continue to help your pets.

We ask that patients presenting to our office do their part by washing their hands or using hand santizer as they enter and leave the practice. Your pet won’t be able to contract the virus and is not a known carrier but precautionary measures to ensure unnecessary contact is minimized and increased sanitary measures are recommended, including decontaminating leashes, collars, booties, jackets, etc.

We will continue to service our patients in the safest manner possible, ensuring the health of our team and patients. Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have questions or concerns at 604 685 4535

We know this is a scary and stressfull time for everyone, please be safe and exercise caution. 

Dr Helene Childs and your team at the West End Veterinary Clinic

Parvo outbreak in Vancouver

You may have heard about the Parvo outbreak in downtown Vancouver, yikes!! The good news is, most of our clients are vaccinated for this terrible disease, as it is part of our vaccination protocol. We also send you regular reminders to ensure your pups are up to date. If you are wondering definitely check their status (via your Petly account or our reminders). Https://

Collecting a Urine Sample, When & Why “pee into the cup” doesn’t work

Urinary tract infections are quite common in dogs and cats. An important aspect of managing urinary tract infections (UTIs) is getting a proper diagnosis. Diagnosing a UTI involves a few different things:

Clinical signs: Does your pet have signs that indicate something abnormal is going on in the bladder? This can include frequent urination, abnormal urination, straining to urinate or similar problems.

Cytological: When a urine sample is examined under the microscope, are there changes consistent with an active infection, like the presence of large numbers of white blood cells and red blood cells?
Culture: Can bacteria be grown from the urine sample?

Culture is very important to help determine if a UTI is really present. It’s also very important for determining the best treatment, especially since antibiotic resistant bacteria are becoming more common. A baseline culture is also useful if the infection comes back, as it provides information about whether the first bug was not actually eliminated or whether re-infection other bacteria has occurred. Differentiating these two situations is important for determining subsequent treatment as well as the need for additional testing to see if there are any underlying reasons for recurrent infections.

Culture is also something that can be done improperly. If a person has or may have a UTI, that person will usually be asked to collect your own “mid-stream” urine sample by collecting urine into a sterile cup part-way through urination, so that any superficial bacterial contaminants get flush out before the sample is collected. That’s not so easy to do in dogs and cats. Collecting midstream free-flow samples into a sterile container without the sample being contaminated by the pets hind end or haircoat, or by the person doing the collecting, is very difficult. A contaminated sample can result in misleading conclusions and potentially inappropriate treatment. Getting a proper sample is critical.

Cystocentesis Procedure:

Cat getting an ultrasound guided cystocentesis

Typically it is a very quick, simple and low risk procedure that involves taking a sample directly out of the bladder using a needle and syringe (video below).  Nevertheless, it is important that this procedure is done in a safe and clean manner by an experienced veterinarian as the risks can be high – as you might guess having a long needle among vital and sensitive organs! Thus, a calm, quiet, & low stress environment is important.  The pet is placed on it’s back (no anesthesia required, and usually even sedation is unnecessary), the skin is cleaned, and a thin needle is passed through the lower part of the belly, where the bladder lies directly under the skin, similar to an amniocentesis during pregnancy, and urine is drawn out with a syringe. In difficult cases where the bladder is very small, abnormal or is anatomically abnormal imaging is helpful and an ultrasound can be used during the procedure.

While cystocentesis may seem like a big deal for collection of a fluid that the pet passes freely on a regular basis, it provides much better information and is largely considered the standard for urine collection in dogs and cats. Unless there is a medical reason not to do it, cystocentesis should be used for collection of urine samples for culture.

We hope this information is useful, of course, if you have any questions at all let any of our friendly staff members or myself know.

Dr. Childs




Good demo of a cystocentesis, it is a very similar procedure in dogs and cats.

Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours


December 28:  11-6pm

December 29:  9-6pm

December 30: 9-6pm

December 31: 11-2pm

January 1: Sunday’s we’re closed!

January 2: closed 

January 3: 9-6 back to the normal 


*Dr’s appointment hours may vary, please call to see Dr. Childs 


Happy Holidays Every-furry-body!!

A friendly elf once had a cat did not appreciate this cute Santa coat, so he came to his vet, and in the waiting room found the most adorable model. Emma is much warmer now! We love our neighborhood, patients, clients, and dressing up!! ❤️ 🎄 🎅

Dressing up is fun!! Happy Holidays all!! ☺

Remembrance Day Hours

Lest we forget
Lest we forget

Dear clients,

We will be closed this Friday for Remembrance Day, and Dr Childs will be away this Saturday the 12th of November.

We would be happy to help you with any basic procedures and sales (including food), but if you’d like to see the doctor let us know and we can make something work for you the following week.

Enjoy your long weekend!!

Your team at the West End Veterinary Clinic

Halloween costumes!!

Land sharks. They'll get you ;)
Land sharks. They’ll get you 😉


Send us photos of your critters in their cutest costumes to win a prize!! A free wellness exam from Dr. Childs! Contest open until November 10th. Email them to


Cute or scary we love them all! ☺




Hello from Dr. Helene Childs!

Dear all clients and friends,

I am the new veterinarian and owner of your West End Veterinary Clinic, and I wanted introduce myself.

We may have already met as I have been assisting Dr. Gilbert and seeing patients here for the past year. I just wanted to let you know I am dedicated to your pet’s wellbeing and want to provide your furry loved ones with the best care I possibly can. I look forward to being apart of your pet’s good health for many years to come.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Helene Childs


From Dr. Brad Gilbert:
“Dr. Gilbert has long believed that the practice needed a permanent heart and soul.  It is ideal for the pets and their people that this has occurred.  We wish Dr Childs and her team all the best and know all clients past and present will be treated well.”


What this means to you, our beloved clients and your furry family members?

Apart from having a consistent vet who will be there daily to help you with anything you might need, everything else will remain constant. Leni, Heather, and the other regular staff members will continue to greet you with their smiling faces. We will still know exactly who you are and what you need before you get two steps in the door.

All patient data will remain in the hospital and Dr. Childs will be busy bringing herself up to speed with our clientele; she will also be in touch with Dr. Yao and Dr. Radnic for ongoing or complicated cases.

The name West End Veterinary Clinic will remain, but the Care Pet Wellness logo will be phased out over the next year.

We will be EXPANDING OUR HOURS so visit our website at ( for the new days and hours we will be open to serve you.

Your previously booked appointments, existing lab results and ongoing treatment will remain exactly as planned, unless you call or write us to make changes.

This is an exciting opportunity for us all!

Dr. Childs has a passion for treating each patient uniquely depending on their  individual needs. She is an early adopter of the latest leading-edge technology, progressive conventional medicine and alternative therapies. Her background in evidence-based medicine,  combined with an open mind and her ability to listen and appreciate the nuances in each case,  enable a tailor-made approach to each patient.

Dr.  Childs has a wealth of experience in dermatology (skin issues), cardiology (heart conditions), imaging (X-rays etc), dentistry, pharmacology, and much more!

In short,  your pet will receive a unique medical plan based on their individual needs–no cookie cutters used here!


About Dr. Helene Childs

A BC local, Helene went to Quesnel high school in Northern BC where her family runs a small ski resort ( She grew up on skis and, true to her Norwegian roots, competed in ski jumping, cross country skiing, and downhill racing; now she prefers to hike, cycle, and kayak. Her pets at home include Simi, a lovely black kitty, and Pan a three legged rescue mutt.

Dr. Childs is very close to her family, most of whom reside in the Okanagan. This includes her uncle, Dr. David Kopp, who owns a veterinary practice in Penticton, and who has always been her inspiration.

If you’re lucky you’ll see her sister,  Emily, and her dog Lola at the reception desk.


Dr. Childs’ History

After graduating Helene completed an honors degree in Health Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine in Calgary. Her research in cardiovascular MRI with top cardiologists and physiologists fueled her love of internal medicine and advanced imaging.

Through a scholarship she was offered a 4 month opportunity to partake in a project in Africa with HIV and TB virologists. Interestingly, her work with local veterinarians in Ethiopia further solidified her passion for veterinary medicine.

After Calgary, she spent four years in Saskatoon at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, the only Canadian school for BC veterinarians. She continued to pursue her interests in internal medicine and advanced imaging research throughout vet school, but we’ll spare you the details. If you search her on PubMed you’ll find plenty of  research articles she’s authored and coauthored.

Among other adventures, Helene has also been part of Veterinarians Without Borders and spent time volunteering at rescues in Thailand and a canine rehabilitation facility in Rome, Italy. She’s also worked at various clinics throughout BC and the lower mainland and is excited to call West End her home clinic.

New Things

As part of pouring her heart and soul into the clinic Dr. Childs will be investing in new technology and equipment to provide patients with the best possible care.

She would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about new directions for the Clinic. This is your chance to help mold your family veterinarian and achieve the medical care you’ve always wanted, or never even knew existed!

Helene is looking forward to growing with the practice and becoming an integral part of the community.

As we’re starting out we would especially love feedback on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and we read and take to heart all of your comments. We would absolutely love to answer your questions and hear your thoughts. The tea is always on if you just wanted to say hello.

Do keep your ears and eyes open for fun contests and free giveaways we will be starting this year. There’s also an open house being planned so let us know your ideas!


Your friends at West End Veterinary Clinic

(Dr. Childs and staff)