Our Reviews ~ too cute not to share!

Here’s what a few of our clients have to say & some of the cards we’ve gotten. We sincerely appreciate the feedback and often extraordinarily kind words. It really means a lot. Thank you 🙂 💜 


Dr. Kylie Evans, Dec 2016

“As a veterinarian with over 20 years of small animal practice experience in Australia (I’m not practicing in Canada) I have really appreciated the professionalism, helpfulness and understanding of all the staff, particularly Leni, and Dr. Childs. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and kind as they have had to deal with one very stressed owner in getting all the boxes ticked to get her dog, Tilly back to Australia. Thanks again you will be missed.”


Mark Wegener, and January 2017

This is by far the best veterinary clinic I have ever visited. Dr. Childs and her staff are caring, compassionate, skilled animal care practitioners who always put the patient’s well-being first. It is clear that everyone at the clinic loves animals and wants to ensure all the critters in their care are as happy and healthy as is possible.

Dr. Childs and her staff are amazing vets and amazing people. I would recommend the West End Veterinary Clinic to anyone with a pet.”


Karen O’Kain, Dec 2016

“Another first-class visit to the vet. Dr. Childs’s practice is the best thing that has happened to animal care in the West End in a very long time. My dog is doing very well under the care of the staff. They all are genuinely happy to see my dog come in for a visit. It is obvious that they love the work they are doing.”


Lorraine DiCicco Dec 2016
“Having had dogs for forty years , I have been to my share of vets. I would rank Dr. Helene Childs at the very top. She is competent and confident. She surgically removed a tumor from my dog’s foot with minimal trauma. My Ontario vet said that removal would likely involve the loss of the dog’s leg, but Dr. Childs not only successfully removed the tumor, but also saved her leg, losing only her small toe. Dr. Childs is patient when explaining procedures and treatments. Finally, she is personable, caring, and kind–to pets and people.”



Chilli’s Dad Oct 2016

“I found out that this clinic was taken over by Dr Childs only a few months ago (I think July 2016). People were obviously not happy with the old owner so this clinic has lots of leftover reviews from before.

Before I showed up, I called ahead to make sure the old staff was “flushed”.
Dr Childs personally looks after each client and there is a new cheerful and helpful receptionist at the desk now. The old staff is all gone.

My poor Shih Tzu (Chilli) was scratching like crazy for the 6 months or so and it was getting worse and worse. I went to a few other vets and tried all the standard treatments (steroids, antibiotics and anti histamines). Nothing seemed to be working.

In desperation, I was going to try soaking Chilli in some DIY antifungal bath. I was told not to do so, because Chill’s problem was not fungal and she explained to me that there would be some negative consequences to “sterilizing” my dog. Luckily I visited the vet before attempting

When I brought my dog in, the doctor was very kind and understanding. Chilli was happy and did not vibrate in fear like she sometimes does if she gets a bad vibe from a place.

The doctor quickly educated me on what I need to do. She used to work in a dermatologist place so I knew that she knew what she was talking about. After checking Chilli’s medical history and inspecting Chilli’s skin and gave me some special meds to feed Chilli for a couple of weeks, while I change her diet. I am happy to report that 48 hours after starting the meds chilli’s skin color returned to its normal healthy color and she is enjoying her new kangaroo diet as well.

I am pretty paranoid when it comes to my dog, so she could of gouged me badly for all sorts of tests if she wanted to, but she did not do so.

The clinic is pretty far from my home, but I have decided to make this my family vet. It is rare to find a compassionate and knowledgeable vet nowadays, so it is worth the drive for me.”


Margo D, Nov 2016

“It was my first visit to this clinic and I couldn’t have been more pleased.  I got an appointment within 24 hrs. and they were able to have my dog’s files from another clinic on hand when we arrived. Dr Child’s was friendly, very warm and gentle with my dog and clearly competent.  The clinic is bright and clean.  It’s well stocked and has the specialty dog food and treats my dog is permitted to eat.  I’m so pleased to have it in my neighbourhood!”


Sidney Winston, Oct 2016
“I can’t imagine any animal receiving better care than what is available here.
This clinic has been the only one my six year old dog has every been to and she is as healthy as a dog can be.
Thank you to the Good Doctor and her courteous staff.”


Kat M, Oct 2016

“We started going to the West End Veterinary Clinic when we found out Helen Childs was there. We hunted her down, actually, as we had been seeing her for the past year + at another clinic. She is the real deal. Dr. Childs is kind and gentle. She is investigative and open to consult with other doctors. She does her research and looks for the solution that will actually benefit your pet’s health. She doesn’t solely rely on her experience or trust what appears as obvious. She uses her instincts, recommends the necessary tests (but never tries to sell you), consults with specialists and does extensive research. With each health concern, we have trusted that we are genuinely in good hands (a feeling we have never experienced from a vet in the past). We have been seeing her most recently because our boy of 12 has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She is helping us to provide him the best quality of life possible before the inevitable day arrives. She has been more than open-minded about integrating alternative forms of medicine and her bed-side manor has been comforting to say the least. We would highly recommend Dr. Childs to anyone seeking veterinary care. She is the best vet we have ever had.”

Jose V. 10/8/2016
“I have been taking my senior cat to the Westend Vet Clinic now for several years and agree 100% the previous owner / management / vets were horrible, so bad I take my little dog elsewhere. I visited today for the first time with the new owner. Wow!! What a turnaround, I was so impressed with the level of service, their compassion and expertise, and even better so friendly. You can tell they really care about your pet. I have hoped to find a vet exactly like this for my little guy for years and today I found them. Give them a second chance, you will be very happy!”

Blythe H.  4/8/2016
“I had to take my cat in for a very difficult decision of having her euthanized, and the staff were wonderful. It was urgent & I called for an appointment on the same day to bring her in, and the receptionist was thoughtful enough to call me back when they had a cancellation for an earlier appointment than I was originally booked for. Dr Yao was very warm & professional, as were the receptionist and vet assistant. The doctor was able to tell me exactly what my options were, and didn’t try to sell me any treatments or expensive surgeries for my elderly cat that I couldn’t afford. I never felt pressured in any way and they were incredibly gentle with my sweet little friend. I for one was very impressed by their kindness, empathy, and professionalism.”

Sarah B.  3/28/2016
The staff are extremely pleasant, thoughtful, understanding and just down right spectacular. I had to take my 14 yr old cat in for some bloodwork and tests and the assistants and vet explained the why’s and what if’s every step of the way. My cat was diagnosed with kidney disease and high blood pressure and I have had to take her back in for follow ups a few times to make sure her health is not declining to quickly.

Not only did they explain her condition to me, they also explained how each medicinal product would benefit her. They all try to find the cheapest options for me with regards to meds and food and have gone out of their way to follow up and see how my cat is doing. I do not have a vehicle so the at-home options they provide are amazing as well. I will never take my cats to a different vet now that I’ve found West End Vet Clinic. I would recommend them to anyone who has pets in the area.

Anonymous, Sept 2016 

We started going to the West End Veterinary Clinic when we found out Dr. Helene Childs had taken over from the previous owner. She is so knowledgeable—she always seems up on the latest regarding any health issue we are addressing, quoting new studies etc. She is so good with all of our pets. She doesn’t sell you on unnecessary tests, procedures or medications. She is open to integrative treatment and does her research. She is the best vet we have ever had. We are seeing her now as our 12 year old rottie has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. She is helping us to provide him the best quality of life we possibly can before the inevitable day comes. She has been so helpful and caring through this very difficult time. I highly recommend this clinic if you are looking for veterinary care for your loved one.

Bryndis O, November 19, 2016

This is the best vet clinic my cats have ever been to. A very compassionate team.