Happy Pride!!

It’s amazing being right in the heart of the West End especially at this exciting time of year. The energy is palpable! We wish everyone the best weekend. Be safe and be proud!!! Xo


Happy Pride!!! Tiffany is so proud of her fixed up foot :) she'll be out at the parade so give her love and don't step on her foot! ☺
 Happy Pride!!! Tiffany is so proud of her fixed up foot 🙂 she’ll be out at the parade so give her love and don’t step on her foot! ☺

Podcast topics

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Would you like to hear about a topic on pet health? I’m creating a podcast where I, Dr Childs, will interview experts in Veterinary Medicine in order to help people better understand their pets health.

I’d love to hear what topics you find most interesting, confusing, hard ad to find good info on etc.

Just email in and I’ll keep this post updated with the list (incase your idea is shared with someone else 🙂

All ideas are welcome! ☺ don’t be shy!!


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1) Pet Foods:
a) Medi-cal- Royal Canin
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Immunizing your dog is an important procedure that can provide protection against an illness that may be life threatening. In the past, veterinarians have followed the vaccine manufacturer’s guidelines and recommended annual revaccination for diseases that were felt to be a threat to our patients. Recent studies have shown that annual revaccination may not be necessary for some diseases because many dogs are protected for three years or longer when vaccinated. Although most dogs do not react adversely to vaccination, some have had allergic or other systemic reactions after receiving a vaccine. Rarely, the allergic reaction can be so profound that it may be life threatening. Certain immune mediated diseases such as hemolytic anemia (anemia caused by red blood cell destruction), thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet numbers), and polyarthritis (joint inflammation and pain) in dogs may be triggered by the body’s immune response to a vaccine.

Vaccinating your pet should not be taken lightly. Failure to vaccinate could result in your pet contracting a serious preventable disease. However, unnecessary vaccinations should be avoided. A decision to vaccinate should only come after your dog’s age and the risk of exposure to disease are considered by you and your veterinarian. Vaccinations given at the appropriate age and at the appropriate intervals will greatly benefit your pet and protect it against some life threatening diseases.

The following vaccines listed are considered “core” and “non-core” by the American Veterinary Medical Association, Texas Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, and Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. The University of California at Davis and North Carolina State University Colleges of Veterinary Medicine also recommend vaccine protocols that consider core and non-core vaccinations. All pets should receive core vaccinations with boosters at appropriate intervals to be determined by exposure risk related to your pet’s life style. Non-core vaccinations should not be used routinely and are only administered if your pet’s exposure risk warrants it.

Core vaccinations for dogs:

Canine Distemper
Hepatitis (Adenovirus-2)
Parvovirus enteritis
Non-core vaccinations for dogs:

Bordetella (kennel cough)
Lyme Disease
Puppy vaccination series: Puppies receive a series of vaccinations at 3-4 weeks intervals in order to insure that they are developing a protective immune response on their own. Maternal antibodies derived from the first few days of milk while nursing their mother will give the puppy a temporary immunity that may interfere with development of a protective immune response to the vaccine. This temporary immunity when present will persist in some puppies for as long as 20 weeks.

As always, your pet is unique and our approach to their medical needs will be also. Please give us a call or ask us at your next appointment.

Dr. Childs