This is an ever expanding area of knowledge that we feel would be helpful to our pet owners. Feel free to distribute to all of your friends and family.

Helpful Links and External Literature

Here’s a link to our vaccine protocols

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association is FULL of good medical information for pet owners:

Similarly, the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (Dr. Childs is an alumnus) also provides excellent information, for vets AND pet owners!

UC Davis’ take on vaccines
Chronic Kidney Disease
For your information about kidney health, please visit Cornell Feline Health Center’s excellent resource about kidney health and potential diseases.

For information about blood pressure in cats:

international renal interest society (IRIS staging)
Feline lower urinary tract FLUTD

Dental Care

from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Includes helpful information on preventative cleaning, dental disease, and potential treatments and solutions.
Feline odontoclastic restorative lesions
eyes and ears
Anal Glands
vaccine recommendations:
common viruses in cats:

Feline Leukemia virus infection in cats.
Feline immunodeficiency virus:

Virus testing
Diabetes in cats:

Helpful information on skin issues in pets:


internal parasites (cats only)

feline asthma

Insurance providers, not a comprehensive list but the most common providers in Canada. These companies are always changing policy specifics and thus owners should always get the most up to date and specific information possible before applying for any insurance.