Kat M

We started going to the West End Veterinary Clinic when we found out Dr. Childs had taken over the clinic from the previous owner. We hunted her down, actually, as we had seen her for least a year at another clinic.

She is the real deal. Dr. Childs is kind and gentle. She does her research and looks for the solution that will actually benefit your pet’s health. She uses her instincts, recommends the necessary tests, consults with specialists and does extensive research. If its not a cut-and-dry issue, I feel that she presents you with choices and recommendations of what you can try. She never tries to sell you anything–she has actually steered us away from spending money on more than one occasion. She is so knowledgeable–she always seems up on the latest regarding any health issue we are addressing, quoting new studies etc. With each health concern, we have trusted that we are genuinely in good hands (a feeling we have never experienced from a vet in the past).

We have been seeing her most recently because our boy of 12 has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She is helping us to provide him the best quality of life possible before the inevitable day arrives. She has been more than open-minded about integrating alternative forms of medicine and her bed-side manor has been comforting to say the least. We would highly recommend Dr. Childs to anyone seeking veterinary care. She is the best vet we have ever had.