Sarah B

  • The staff are extremely pleasant, thoughtful, understanding and just down right spectacular. I had to take my 14 yr old cat in for some bloodwork and tests and the assistants and vet explained the why’s and what if’s every step of the way. My cat was diagnosed with kidney disease and high blood pressure and I have had to take her back in for follow ups a few times to make sure her health is not declining to quickly.

    Not only did they explain her condition to me, they also explained how each medicinal product would benefit her. They all try to find the cheapest options for me with regards to meds and food and have gone out of their way to follow up and see how my cat is doing. I do not have a vehicle so the at-home options they provide are amazing as well. I will never take my cats to a different vet now that I’ve found West End Vet Clinic. I would recommend them to anyone who has pets in the area.